• Lyn Juniper-Solley

Update for ELD patrons from July 19th 2021

We are happy to announce that from 19th July there will be a reduction in the restrictions placed on patrons of the East London Dojo, however it is important to understand that there are still good practices that are required to be followed both inside the dojo, and around the East London Gymnastics Centre within which the dojo resides.

Firstly regarding entering the gymnastic centre, please read carefully the requirements from ELGC.

'' E.L.G.C Continued health & Safety

It is always important for us that we keep both our members and our staff as safe as possible during their time within the E.L.G.C Centre. Therefore some E.L.G.C COVID 19 safety protocols will still be in place following the July 19th restriction changes.

  • We ask our members/parents to not spend any more time within the centre than necessary but are free to come into the building to drop off and collect their child/children and use the canteen if they wish.

  • We will still be asking our members/parents to sanitize before entering and exiting the building.

  • Exiting the building will return to normal…. Main Entry doors by reception.

  • Track and trace will still stay in affect

  • If you have been contacted by the NHS Track & Trace you will still have to isolate as recommended by the NHS

  • Please ensure you are still operating inline with your relevant governing bodies/Insurers with any changes you make within your own classes.

  • No mandatory mask/face coverings in communal areas.

  • Temperature checks will no longer be mandatory before entry.''

Within the dojo itself, whilst we re happy that class restrictions are no longer limited we ask that all patrons follow the following.

  • Parents where possible endeavour to watch the classes via the camera in the cafe area whilst seated.

  • Please ensure suitable foot covering are worn( no hard soled shoes in the dojo,) and where bare feet training is to take place patrons should ensure that feet are clean.

  • No food or drinks other than water should be consumed inside the dojo.

  • Please continue to use the sanitising stations within the dojo, and the cleaning materials left to clean any areas that require it before, during or after training.

  • Booking party is responsible for own risk assessments, insurances and for ensuring that patrons under their supervision are following the centre guidelines.

As we see the return of ' business as usual' if we even know what that means anymore, we wish everyone happy and healthy training at the East London Dojo.

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