• Lyn Juniper-Solley

Correct training shoes during Covid 19 measures

As the dojo has to implement special measures to be able to re open during these challenging times. One of the actions required is the wearing of shoes inside the dojo. This is strange for some martial artists who are used to bare feet training, but to restrict the possible spread of infection and to keep the dojo as hygenic and clean as possible, we are asking that all patrons wear suitable indoor footwear. But what does this mean?

Socks are not appropriate as they can still get sweaty, and there is a possibility of slipping on the tatami mats. Outdoor shoes can brig in dirt and small sharp objects on the soles, as well as damage the mats.

So clean, flat soled training shoes not worn outdoors are the most suitable such as those shown below. Something similar is available at most sport shops or online, and they are not all expensive, so we thank you for your attention to this during these times.


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