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East London Dojo (ELD) is a fully equipped martial arts dojo in the heart of East London, 

designed predominantly for use by various martial arts, but suitable for many health, wellbeing, 

fitness and sporting activities.

The dojo studio space contains: 

  • 11 x 14 metres of high quality tatami mats,  

  • Purpose built steel frame for punch/ kick bags, pull up bars and .......

  • Wall mounted full length mirrors along the length of the studio

  • Heating / Air conditioning  available 

  • Limited seating available alongside studio for in studio spectating

  • Blue tooth, music system 

  • Private access to studio with small office space to manage entry and registration 

  • Incumbent club wifi access available,

  • Smart TV in dojo with soundbar for use as training tool or visual learning/ screen share 

  • 24 hr security camera

  • In dojo live camera feed display to TV in cafeteria, for further spectator viewing 

Also available on site

  • Caloroso cafe

        On site seated restaurant specialising in traditional pizza​ with Vegan and Vegetarian options,

        with live camera feed to ELD 

  • On site free parking, with more parking available in Asda car park adjacent with 2 hour free parking.

  • Free open public wifi 

Contact us now to discuss availability, and our competative daily and hourly hire rates. 

All bookings will be subject to a terms of use agreement and may require a deposit or payment in full in advance. 


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